You can’t run from yer past

Welcome if you’ve come here from Jason’s page. Just thought I’d say hello since the last post here is about the boy climbing out of his crib. We’ve actually had a pretty rough time of it for the past few nights because when they can climb out of their crib, that means it’s time for a toddler bed. A toddler bed is just like your bed, only smaller. And we’ve been the insane parents that have provided this weapon of sleep deprivation to our child. It means Auggie can get out of it whenever he wants. It’s been a struggle to convince him that he should stay in the bed when we walk out of the room, leading to much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

But tonight took a little less time it seemed. Or maybe I’m just going mad (for real this time!)

Anyway, to clear up a couple of things. I first met Jason his freshman year in college, with the whole crew of people who hung out and allegedly “studied” in Brady Commons. Mostly we just sat around and smoked cigarettes and talked about the stupid things that 18-20 year olds think they should talk about, but clearly have no real clue. I was into the dance music of the time (Front 242, Ministry, Thrill Kill Kult, etc.) and so of course our paths continued to cross throughout the years at Shattered and then culminated when I became the Business Manager at KCOU as a senior.

Joining the radio station staff put me into yet another group of friends including Mike and Sean mentioned on Jason’s post. This was how Jason met Beth. She was dating Mike, and apparently said “Oh, so you’re THE Jason Pettus?” when introduced to him. She was just a freshman at the time, so give her a break. And yes, even then, that’s the kind of thing you could say to Jason and his head would remain quite swollen for the rest of the night….

For those of you just dropping in our lives via Jason’s link. Beth and I started dating after I had graduated from the Master’s program at Mizzou and was living back at home in St. Louis. We started dating at the end of her Junior year. I proposed to her at the Derby her senior year, and moved her to Louisville with me the day after she graduated. Back to St. Louis in 2000, and then with a new baby boy in 2001.

Oh, and Thanksgiving went pretty well since we basically stole all the good ideas from Beth’s dad and stepmom. That included them shipping up their “backup” smoker for us to use. Thanks Alan and Margie.