18 weeks

Yesterday, I finally felt something new about this pregnancy. Excitement.

Auggie and I struck out to Old Navy to peruse their new maternity offerings (Capris? Dude, it’s 10 degrees!). We happened upon a cart-load of teeny-weeny socks, 3 pairs for a quarter! And the ugliest Christmas pajamas for 3-6 month old girls, also for a quarter!

When the Old Navy hipster kid rang up our purchases and the sock pack turned out to be only 10 cents, I was almost embarassed for him. I thought, ‘Why don’t you just give them to me and save yourself the time of typing in the barcode?’

When I showed Tim the teeny-weeny socks, we both said “aww!” and then Tim remarked, “I like how you’re reverse-jinxing us with all the little girl stuff.” (Have I mentioned our great trepidation at raising a girl in this Christina Aguilera world?) And then I’m all like, “The baby is wearing the 3 cent socks, no matter what. He or she won’t care what gender they are being identified with at 3 months.”

I felt much empowered.

But this baby is totally a girl. Stay tuned for the ultrasound results on the 16th!

Then we had a good laugh, inventing scenarios where we had to return the 10 cent socks.