Hello? Still there? Sorry that I’ve been MIA. No real excuses, really. Just hanging on for dear life around this whirlwind.

Here’s April in a nutshell: work, work, work, entertain the toddler, Easter, entertain the toddler some more, work, 24-hour trip to IKEA (complete with 10-hour round-trip drive), work, work, work, toddler.

That’s about it. Oh, and we finally got the Bug Man back to take care of our pests, much against my better pregnant judgement. But, hey, I discovered that ants bothered me a lot more than potential contamination of my home with pesticides! Who knew?

The belly is getting quite large. My lap is virtually gone (just ask Auggie and the dogs — they all look at me like, ‘Why don’t you love us enough to suck that in, lady?’).

I had my first emergency C-section dream the other night and woke up totally freaked out. Like the other disturbing birth dream I had (after the birth, the baby was taken away and no one would give him to me), the worst part wasn’t the birth but the fact that no one would let me nurse the baby once he was born. I’m such a psycho.

Anyway, this evening has been a total write-off. I’ve worked for the past three nights straight and Auggie is going through what I generously deemed a “rough patch” earlier to Tim. It seems that nothing else gets through to him other than yelling. Which I hate. And today was one of those days where I woke up with no energy, and that just doesn’t get better as the day goes on. With the yelling and the constant negotiations with the two-year-old. It has basically been another one of those days where thinking about doing this with two boys leaves me wanting to curl up into a ball and weep.

Except that I can’t curl up into a ball anymore. Not with this belly.