It’s been over a week since I updated… Not that we have anything new to report. Just wanted to let everyone know that it is officially the Due Date, and Baby Clauss has yet to make his appearance.

I thought for sure that he was coming last night, though. We’d been mucking all over town, going to the V.P. Parade downtown, walking to the air show down by the Arch, even walking to fireworks in Webster last night. I had some very interesting contractions on the way home and thought, ‘Oh, yay! This is it!’ I was even pestering Tim about whether to call my mom and put her on alert.

Luckily, Tim talked me down, because it was just gas.


We did get a good night of rest, though, which is good.

No plans for today, and Auggie really thinks that the baby should come out and see the fireworks.