The map… was a disappointment

Too depressed to write much of anything right now, as the Red Sox have somehow managed to hog-tie my beloved Cardinals.

Oh, sure, it’s cool to root for the Red Sox now. But, hey, we got a whole lotta New Yorkers rooting for our clean-cut Midwestern boys right now, and that’s pretty cool.

Auggie’s fever rollercoaster made a stop at Mommy and Daddy’s doorsteps this past week, which is why you were stuck wondering the same thing my friend Jane was, ‘What happened with the dog pee?!’ (Let’s just say that we’re back to the drawing board with that situation.)

Tim was at Game 7 of the NLCS while I was at home with at 103 degree fever, playing “banana picnic in Mommy’s bed” with Auggie and Elliott, as my teeth chattered from chills. Whenever he called to see how I was doing, I asked, ‘Do you really want to know?’ Not pretty.

I am excited at the prospect of being in bed before 11 for once this month…