Day 1 of my recovery from Starbucks

Some time ago, I ‘fessed up about my $4 a day Starbucks habit. Ha ha, very funny. We all moved on.

However. I only seemed to encourage myself. Instead of going to Starbucks a couple of days a week, yesterday, I went into Starbucks and I couldn’t remember the last day that I had not been there.

And, since we’re doing Financial Peace University, I can’t not do the math. $4 a day times 7 days a week equals $28 a week. $28 a week times 4 weeks a month equals $112 a month. yada yada yada $1,456 a year. Oof. That’s more than I’ve saved for retirement in the last FIVE YEARS.

Ergo, line in the sand. We don’t need no stinking Starbucks. My husband makes a completely wonderful cup of coffee right here.

OK, maybe one a week.

I mean, when does something become an addiction (yes, I’m sure that there are any number of websites devoted to this very subject, if only I would take a moment to Google for them, but stick with me here)? When you do something mean to one of your children in order to get your fix? Steal? Sell your body? Kick the dog because you didn’t get it?

I’m totally writing the “Afterschool Special” about the evils of venti iced nonfat sugar-free vanilla lattes. They still have “Afterschool Specials,” right?