23 days to go… Why do I still have this feeling that it’s going to happen this weekend? Probably still just delusional.

I think I’ve found out why most pregnant women actually lose weight their last month, though. Walking! I have been walking my butt off for the past two days. I don’t know if it’s that I have too much energy (for once) or that I have this silly notion that walking will help get things rolling in the birth department, but all I know is that I managed to out-walk the dogs, even.

Tim has been so great lately (and always). He’s been working hard on finishing up all the little projects around the house like building a neat shelf in the baby’s room to put diaper stuff on, setting up our web server so we can get photos up first thing for all to see, painting and reinstalling vent covers (don’t ask) and he’s even going to try to get our new doors up before the baby gets here! Not to mention, he puts up with my increasing moodiness. Sorry, honey.

Mr. Baby, however, has made no indications of wanting to meet us just yet. He’s still rolling around in there, albeit only side-to-side since that’s the only way he can move now. Having him so low is really strange at times, though. It’s kinda like I’m sitting on his head or something. Very odd.

I’m still having very irregular contractions, maybe one or two every few hours. One really big one last night after Tim and I made our own attempt to, ahem, get things rolling. So maybe we’re getting closer.

Tim’s parents have generously offered to purchase a digital camera for us for the baby’s birth. They actually wanted to get us a video camera, but I really just don’t see us using it as much as a camera, so we talked them into getting the camera. Now we just have to decide which one we want. Sometimes the old in-laws aren’t so bad!

So keep your fingers crossed for me… Maybe we’ll have a baby soon!