I was just delusional.

It’s Monday, and — quite obviously — there’s no baby yet. We did have a heck of a time this weekend, though, getting ready for the little guy. Tim worked his boo-tay off by installing a shelf in the nursery (which you can view here). He also set up the cool Pack ‘n Play his mother got us and figured out the digital camera that his parents bought us as well. Go, in-laws! They are out of control.

And what did I do whilst he slaved? I’ll tell you — not a lot. You see, I woke up on Saturday with this fairly intense pain in my way lower back. We’re talking pelvis city here, friends. It sucked. Tim was convinced that it was the baby’s huge head causing my bones to spread, my mom thought I had overdone it while doing laundry the day before and all I knew was that the Tylenol I splurged and took, a warm bath, a walk with the dogs and a battery of stretches had made nary a dent in the pain. Discomfort! Anyway, I consulted my handy reference “The Birth Book” and was informed that I am officially in “prelabor!” Now, before you go getting all excited, you should know that this stage can last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Ugh! And, of course, the low back pain is one of the symptoms because (ding! ding! we have a winner!) Tim was right and my pelvis is spreading. Fun!

So Tim and I went shopping with his parents and took them to lunch since we were total heels and forgot his dad’s birthday. D’oh! The rest of the day, I just played with the camera and did crosswords or something.

Yesterday, I didn’t think I would ever get going. We got up and went to mass, but as soon as we got home, I collapsed on the couch for two hours. I guess all that stand-sit-kneeling takes a lot of the nine-months pregnant body. Once I helped Tim get the shelf up, though, I was off like a rocket, organizing the nursery. You don’t understand — this shelf has been integral to my plans for the nursery. Nothing could be finished until it was up and ready to go. So now the nursery is just waiting for a baby to fill it (with joy, I’m sure). C’mon, baby!

20 days until the due date. Has anyone started taking bets on when it will happen yet?