OK, thanks to some nudging by Kim last night, I finally decided to look at bookerdogs with a Netscrape browser. Wow, oh wow, did this place not work with Netscape. Sounds like Kim was having some troubles viewing things with IE on a Mac too. So, I went looking at things to see what was wrong.

First off, I found a number of places where I was using links to images and such with the \ character instead of / character to refer to images in other directory files. Looks like IE for windoze was interpreting this correctly, but nothing else was. So that looks like it’s fixed, so Kim, I think you should have access to the pictures now…

Also, I was using the onclick event for the IMG tag, so you could click on an image, and it would fire off a routine like pressing a submit button. Well, guess what, the brilliant folks at Netscape decided there object model wouldn’t include that event for that object. Why you would not program such an obvious use of the onClick event, I have no earthly idea. Well, I put it inside an Anchor tag, and now, I think most things here work with Netscape. So if your friends have been having trouble with our pages, tell ’em to come on back and try again.

So I know many of you aren’t interested in the tech, but I believe most of our problems are fixed. You netscape folks may still be getting a gray box in the lower right corner of the header, but that will be taken care of soon. Really though, if you’re having troubles with things on the page, go ahead and drop me a line, and I’ll see what I can do about it. Sorry for all the problems folks, while I didn’t really want to concern myself with cross browser programming, I didn’t think I’d screwed things up THAT badly.