Just a quick note to let you all know I added some more pictures today. These were all back catalogue things that we’ve scanned in the past. Mostly it was pet pictures, so if you’re looking for a weiner dog fix, there are lots more pictures available.

I also posted the pictures we scanned of our trip to New York in June of ’99 for the Belmont Stakes. Some of the pictures and the memories were made so much more poigniant after the tragedy, particularly the ones of us on the Brooklyn Promenade with Lower Manhattan in the background. You can see these pictures under the Trips section.

Last week I put up several more new pictures of August, including our trip to the Polo Match which you can find under Events. I also made a number of changes to the way the catalog displays, and you can sort the pictures by a couple of different dates, as well as using a combination filter of dates along with the categories.