So I was a little mental last week… I think the little guy is actually starting to fall into a schedule (geez, I hope I don’t jinx myself here). I say “fall into” because it sure as heck isn’t because of anything I’ve done. I mean, I try to do pretty much the same types of things at the same times each day, since all of the stuff I’ve read talks about how much babies want routine and predictability.

Here’s a typical day for August:

Get up about 8:30, 9-ish, hang out in bouncy seat while mom eats breakfast and skims paper (focusing mostly on the horoscope and “Get Fuzzy” comics).

Get really ticked off after about two minutes of tummy time. Fuss loud enough to let mom know that whatever she’s doing (usually laundry) is way less important than getting me off of my face!

Around 10-ish, eat a mid-morning snack. Get sleepy.

Get stashed in the sling for a brisk morning walk with mom and the dogs. Fall asleep approx. 15 steps out the door.

Wake up in my crib after mom has snuck me in following the walk. Fuss until she finishes the email she’s writing and comes and rescues me from baby jail.

Installed in bouncy seat in bathroom while mom showers and sings various Beatles hits. (My favorites: Hey Jude, Norwegian Wood and She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, except I’m pretty sure those aren’t the original lyrics.) Then mom fills up the bath and shocks the heck out of me by bringing me in there with her! Fun!

Cold, cold! Try not to shiver as mom dresses me as quickly as possible.

Back to the bouncy seat to watch with fascination as mom eats lunch (usually leftovers).

My turn for lunch!

Play in the living room for a while, working on my hand-eye coordination by trying to grab the dang rattle mom is holding. Eventually get frustrated that I cannot fit said rattle into my mouth and stop paying attention to mom, staring instead at the Kleenex box.

Act hungry so I can fall asleep in the middle of nursing.

Wake up in crib again. Where the heck am I? What’s going on in my shorts?

Coo at hilarious antics of elephant mobile over changing table.

More tummy time, this time on mom and dad’s bed, with mom acting like a nut trying to keep me happy. Work on developing my neck and arm muscles by holding my head and chest up. (Chicks dig the muscular physique.)

Various other playtime activities to keep me occupied until dad gets home.

Dad comes home and takes over entertainment duties. (This is when I sometimes get cranky.)

Head downstairs, where Dad dances me around to Guided By Voices while Mom makes supper.

Hit the swing and try not to fall asleep while Mom and Dad eat supper.

Get really fussy, giving mom and dad the definitive sign that I am very sleepy.

Fall asleep, get put in crib.

(Of course, I wake up about 1 a.m., get brought into cozy mom and dad bed for midnight snack, then sleep with them for the rest of the night.)

So, that’s pretty much how it goes around here. It just didn’t really seem like he had any kind of nap schedule until here recently. Who knew? Of course, the above omits the many, many diaper changes throughout the day, as well as several eating sessions. Those are still somewhat unpredictable!