Wow, what a morning. Coco was whining every time she moved last night, so I had to take her to the vet this morning to check out her paw. The doc said to give her baby aspirin to see if that helped. of course, it was also getting time for her vaccinations, so I just had them do that too while we were there. Let’s just say that Coco isn’t speaking to me right now (not that she does ever, really).

This all comes on the dreaded Day After the First Night Out, which actually went really well. At least for us, anyway. Tim and I left at about 8 last night, heading down to Laclede’s Landing to Mississippi Nights for the Stephen Malkmus show. Our friend Bob from Louisville is SM’s tour manager, so he put us on the list. We ran into old college friends Jonathan, Holly and Jim (Ouzle, for those of you that speak their little language) at the bar. Then we hung out with Bob for the show. It was really great to catch up with him, as he always has the most interesting stories about horse racing and rock and roll adventures. We love Bob!

I even drank two whole beers! The show itself was pretty good. I was especially impressed that the bass player girl was the inspiration for the Elliot Smith song “Miss Misery.” I mean, what must it be like to know that an Oscar-nominated song is about you? Unreal.

So when we got home about midnight, Tim’s sainted parents were cool as cucumbers. This in spite of the fact that August had been a royal terror all night. Here I thought he would just go to sleep for them very easily, but apparently he just cried and cried. He wouldn’t take his bottle, nothing. Poor guys! He was fine once we were home, though. Smiling and calm and sleepy! We all fell into bed about 1.

So now I’m beat. August seems no worse for wear. Bring on the trick-or-treaters!