So today I’m 27.


I won’t go into a tired “I’m old” lament here, because I really don’t think 27 is that old. The only thing I’m really sad about is that birthdays just aren’t that fun anymore.

Remember when you were a kid and your birthday was like the biggest deal of the year (tied with Christmas)? My family always made me feel so special on my birthday.

Of course, this isn’t to say that no one makes me feel special on my birthday. Tim was so sweet today. He sent me 27 e-cards!

But there just isn’t the build up anymore. Heck, I even forgot my birthday was coming up for most of this month. (Perhaps the baby had something to do with this.)

Anyway, all I wanted to do for my birthday was to see the Harry Potter movie and we didn’t even get to do that (for various sad financial reasons, I’m even sadder to say). Oh well. Maybe we can go on Thanksgiving.

Enough of that, though! Let’s hear it for August, who officially weighs 14 pounds, 13 ounces! He is so big now that I can hardly remember what he was like as a newborn! I can remember being in the hospital and worrying that he was so tiny and fragile. Last week I was looking back at all of the pictures we’ve taken of him and I was nearly in tears. He was so fragile and tiny!

I still feel some guilt about those first two weeks when he wasn’t eating well and I was too dumb to not know. I worry that I did long-term damage. What if his brain needed that nourishment those weeks to develop properly? What if I ruined him forever?

These are the crazy, irrational things you worry about once you become a parent. It all pretty much comes down to that one question: Did (insert incident) ruin him forever?

Development-wise, however, he seems right on track. He’s reaching for things now, which is fun. Diaper changes are getting more challenging, since he keeps reaching for my hands to put in his mouth. (Hope that diaper ointment isn’t poison!)

He’s babbling away, especially in the morning. He cracks me up, totally. The way he moves his mouth to make different sounds is hilarious.

I guess the most amazing thing is watching him become so aware of his surroundings. I mean, he pays attention to stuff now. Like when he’s eating, if he looks up at me and I’m smiling at him, he stops eating and smiles back! Ask me how much that melts me!

So that’s 27. I’m glad I have my boys to keep me happy. Otherwise, it could get pretty depressing around here.