Woo-hoo! Thanksgiving vacation!

We’ve been having a good old time, wallowing in laziness. Actually, that’s just me, since Tim is home to help take care of August. Oh well, why bother with semantics? It’s been great!

One thing that has not been great has been Tim’s worsening cold symptoms. Both of his parents have recently gotten over very nasty colds, so I’m hoping that he was not exposed to their germs.

After spending Thanksgiving and the Day After down in Cape Girardeau (my home town), we came back home to do some serious relaxing and unwinding. Tim got to finish his book (The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Klay, which he says is “excellent”) and I even got to nap a couple of times!

Now we’re coasting until Christmas”¦ That is, we’re staying home lots and cooking our own meals lots and trying to figure out how we’re going to get all the Christmas presents we need with the money we have/don’t have”¦ Fun!

I still haven’t seen Harry Potter. To make up for this, I’ve begun rereading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. My imagination is better than any old movie anyway, right? Right.

We measured August today (May-suring Day, for you fans of The Angry Beavers)! He’s almost 24 and a half inches long! Two feet! Amazing. He’s well over 15 pounds now, too. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing.

And he’s doing new stuff everyday! He clasps his hands together and brings them to his mouth (which my child-development-specialist stepmother tells me is very advanced), he laughs (kinda), he grasps his toys and brings them to his mouth (are you sensing a theme here?) and he is kicking so much, it’s hard to change his diaper sometimes!

He was adequately spoiled over the holiday as well. Everyone fought over him, and Nick and Abby were so cute playing with him! My youngest niece Olivia was also fascinated with August. I think it’s so cute when older babies go around saying, ‘Baby! Baby!’ while pointing to a younger baby.

Now Tim goes back to work tomorrow. I’m sad. It’s been so nice having him around. I almost feel as though my IQ has risen back to normal!