Adventures with Kim

Sorry for the silence over the past couple of days. My old friend and college roommate Kim has been staying with us since Thursday evening. And, as always, it has been a visit chock-full of meaty goodness.

The fun all started on Thursday evening, when Kim’s bag was apparently lost by her airline. No big deal, said the weird lost baggage clerk guy, it will probably be here on the next plane from Houston (where she had a connecting flight from San Francisco, her home). We go out for coffee and good food at the friendly neighborhood lesbian coffeehouse and return home only to find that the weird clerk guy has called and her bag was stolen.


Since Kim is disabled, she is the last one off of the plane and her bag is often one of the last ones left. Since Tim and I (and Auggie), were waiting in the baggage area, but had no idea what her bag looked like, we did not pick it up for her. But some mean thief did! The bag was found, and, Kim being the good traveler that she is, there were no valuables in it anyway. It looked like the person had just rummaged through it, realized that it’s contents were those of a small girl (Kim has tiny little feet) and felt guilty, so they abandoned it in a random hallway.

The amazing part of this story, I think, is that the bomb squad didn’t blow the dang thing up, since they are so strident about the whole unattended bag thing at the airport. If this were September 30, 2001? That bag would be history. Along with Kim’s dress for the wedding she’s attending today (good luck, Christian!) and Auggie’s nifty gifts. Thanks, Aunt Kim!

Auggie is growing tired of

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being corralled in his toy area, so I’ll have to save the story of our cursed trip to Columbia for later.