What’s the moral here? Say it with me now…

Thank goodness that Nikki finally got the boot over on American Idol. I was beginning to worry that those phone phreaks were playing a cruel joke on us and were conspiring to make Nikki the ultimate winner. Yuck.

So why do I, a self-professed rock fan(Really? Where?), hate the “rocker” of American Idol? Because while she is marginally more credible because of her rock fandom, her voice is not good. Not at all.

So, then I think Kelly should win, right? Well, no, not really. I mean, yeah, she can sing the heck out of a Mariah Carey cover of a freaking Badfinger song, but she’s just a voice. Is that what American music is all about? These days, I suppose you could make a good case that, yes, this is what American music is about.

However, I can totally dig Justin. Even his respect for Michael Jackson. I mean, the man was the King of Pop. I know that I had a poster of him on my wall in the third grade (even though the song “Thriller” scared the bejesus out of me. Creepy Vincent Price.). I love that he has a little soul. I hate that the judges thought that an Elton John song was the perfect number for him. I know, I know, Elton used to have a little credibility too.

Oh, my. Did I really just write that much about a television show? Forgive me.