Get me a post-op facial! STAT!

Well! Now! I feel better!

Auggie’s procedure went pretty well this morning. We drug ourselves out of bed at 5, got to the hospital by 6 and then Auggie was on his way to the operating room by 7:45.

They gave him a drug called Versed (explained to us that it was “like Valium” by no fewer than 4 people this morning. OK! We got it! It’s like Valium! Sheesh.) which made him all drunky. He was really cute, lolling around in my arms.

So anyway, they took him off to the OR at 7:45 for this supposed 10 minute procedure. Well, time goes by and more time goes by, and no doctor. No Auggie. Mommy is getting worried. 8:30 comes and Mommy goes out to the nurses’ station to find out where the heck her baby is. The nurse calls the OR and says that they are finishing up and he will be out soon.

Mommy and Daddy wait some more. Finally, the doctor comes and gives us the scoop on the way to the recovery room. Apparently, he could get the probe through his tear duct, but when they tried to irrigate the duct, the water would not go through. I know. I’m totally confused too.

So they had to put in a tiny little tube to try to make a path around the obstruction. It should work its way out through his nose in a few weeks. I was worried that it would start coming out by his eye, but Tim said the doctor advised us to just “push it back in” if we saw it coming out. Oooooh kay.

Needless to say, once we got back to the recovery area, Mommy is completely absorbed in getting her baby to stop crying and oblivious to anything the doctor is saying. This leaves Daddy to gather the pertinent information about medication, behavior or effects of the surgery that we might see or need to watch out for, etc.

Needless to say, Daddy finds out that we need to give Auggie some eyedrops 4 times a day. For how long? He doesn’t know. What’s up with this weird bloody mucous coming out of his nose? He doesn’t know. Should we give him any Tylenol? He doesn’t know.

Oooooh kay! Daddy tries. We know. And we love him for it.

I guess Mommy can always call the doctor if there’s anything too weird or scary.

So I took an hour and got a facial at the spa tonight. Thank goodness. And thank goodness that all that bourgeois guilt that I felt last time melted away under the butter-like hands of wonderful Kristina. She even took pity on me and gave me a wonderful extra session of accupressure. Facials are wonderful things, even if you have to suffer through extraction.