Birthday madness

Well, the birthday festivities have come and gone and now we’re headed to Cape for a family reunion. I’m feeling all high tech, using my iBook on the road.

Friday’s party with the play group was big fun. All six mommies and babies were there, plus a six-year-old and one daddy. It was total chaos. I realized how inept I am at entertaining without Tim’s help.

But everyone seemed to have a good time, and Auggie made a great haul, with beautiful new diapers from Heidi Sugarbums and Jillian, diaper covers from Rachel and Nace, a rattle and a T-shirt from Arianne and Carolyn and a cool boat from Susan and Jordan. And Colleen and Richard brought a beautiful cake from Big Richard’s bakery. Thanks, guys!

Saturday, we had lots of family and friends over for a barbecue and the big cake mess that is traditional on the first birthday. It was a total hoot. Here’s the classic shot:

The whole thing was pretty exhausting, though. After all was said and done, Tim and I kind of looked at each other and said, ‘Do you think Auggie actually had fun?’

I think he did, at times. Probably not so much when all of his older cousins were enthusiastically trying to feed him his dinner at once. They were so sweet and helpful, though. I love how little kids are so drawn to babies. Mackenzie kept asking to hold him. No easy feat when the baby is over 23 pounds and very strong and squirmy!

But I know that he loved the cupcake mess, once he got into it. He especially loved the bath afterwards, with the pink water. He was highly entertained by the unwrapping of presents (especially the ribbon). All in all, a good time was had by all, I hope.