The taming of the luddites

This weekend, after years of resistance, after taking so much pride in our luddite-ness in this one area, we joined the wireless phone masses. But we went about it in the squarest, most risk-free way possible — we bought a Tracfone. You know, this is the thing where you buy the Nokia 5125 and prepay for your minutes.

I’ve only placed one call on the thing so far, and I diligently pulled over to the side of the road (in our subdivision) to do it.

Now, if you know me (and Tim) at all, you know that we get excited about new technology. Sure, we don’t have the bucks to go out and buy everything right away, but we admire them from afar and then pounce when the price is finally right.

Another development over the past week is Tim’s scoring of a sweet IBM ThinkPad on eBay. I guess the seller listed the processing speed way lower than it actually was, and my sleuthing husband checked out the specs for the model number listed on IBM’s Web site. He ended up winning the auction for about half the price that the other auctions for the same type of laptop were going for.

So we now have more computers than we have people (including Auggie). And that’s just the ones that are currently on! We have at least one more downstairs that Tim can putter around on. And that’s not even counting all the printers…