Where in the world is Sam Harris?

Auggie ate an entire ice cream sandwich tonight.

OK, so it was only a “mini” ice cream sandwich, but still pretty impressive, methinks. A chip off the old block.

Yesterday afternoon, in an effort to quit watching so much daytime TV, I dialed up 3wk, a site based in STL, by the way. I heard a song from the new Flaming Lips album and it was heartbreakingly beautiful. I can’t wait to get my rear in gear and buy the dang thing from Vintage Vinyl already.

OMG, Tamyra just got voted off of American Idol. Unbelievable. I’m completely shocked. That is so wrong.

Yes, I am 15 when it comes to loving terrible popularity-based television shows.

Pop Stars? Oh, yeah.

Making the Band? No, thank you.

American Idol? I love it. Yes, the hosts are terrible, the judges are laughably predictable, the skits are positively offensive in their stupidity. But the performances are so compelling!

To wit:

Nikki is just terrible! I mean, who is voting for this Kelly Osbourne wannabe?

Justin is riding the whole curly-hair cutie-pie thing straight into the ground!

Kelly needs to stay far, far away from flesh-colored lipsticks!

Tamyra was the most consistent one of the bunch! But then she had to go and pick a Patti Labelle song and blow it all to pieces. Did anyone even enjoy “New Attitude” when it was originally released back in the ’80s?

But the real question is: Will I remember this in 20 years?

I need only to point to Sam Harris.

Remember that guy? He won the first season of Star Search back in 1984. Remember? The short guy in the Converse Chuck Taylors who sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”? I still remember that!

Have I ever purchased a Sam Harris album? Seen him live? Even heard of him since? No. But I still remember seeing him on Star Search, 18 years later.

Is that sad?