Hide the Cheez Whiz

Is there something fundamentally wrong with me when I cry more over Dr. Green’s death on a repeat of ER than I did all day yesterday? Or is it simply a case of misplaced priorities? Or both?


Auggie has been a complete mess today. He started getting snotty just before bed last night, and, sure enough, he woke up every two hours until I finally brought him into bed with us around 2:30. Then he was simply squirmy every two hours until finally I begged Tim to get up with him at 6:30.

Remember back in Psychology class when you learned about sleep? How, when you deprive someone of REM sleep, you can potentially drive them insane? That was me this morning. Two nights in a row of sleeping with the world’s squirmiest baby has driven me to the edge. If it weren’t for our two-hour morning naps, I would probably be running through the neighborhood wearing a Cheez Whiz bikini. And believe me, nobody wants that.

So Auggie was totally snotty and very clingy all day. I’m pretty sure that the snottiness is completely teething-related, but, hey, what do I know?

This is especially disheartening as it comes on the heels of three golden days of baby fun. We had been having a great time, just hanging out at home, trying to not spend money. Auggie was extra-cute, extra-loving and having a great time just playing in and around the house.

I cannot tell you how much I wish today was Friday. But alas, I am on my own once again tomorrow. Alone with The Beast.

Aw, he’s not that bad.

The truly sad part is that I have no idea which teeth are coming through. Usually, up to this point at least, there have been two swollen spots on his gums where the teeth are cutting through. Now, there is nothing that I can feel at all. Poor Auggie.

To end on a more positive note, I’ve gotten several (OK, 2) nice comments from people on the blog. Thank you so much! It warms the cockles of me heart to know that ya’ll enjoy it. (Sorry, I just haven’t been able to stop talking like a pirate ever since I heard about “Talk Like A Pirate Day” — which is September 19, in case you didn’t know. [Link via the intimidating but highly entertaining Mimi Smartypants])

OK, I’m going to bed now.