We are not Beautiful People

I was going to blog yesterday. Really. Unfortunately, I was insane with exhaustion, so it was all I could do to resist the urge to Cheez Whiz myself and keep my son fed.

Thursday night was the worst ever. Ever in the history of babies, I mean. Maybe some nights spent huddling in a muddy hole in the middle of a rank battlefield have been less restful. As it was, though, I think Tim and I got about three hours of sleep. The rest of the time was spent trying to get Auggie to sleep in his crib.


Last night, we used this plan: When Auggie wakes up at midnight (as he has every night this week), we bring him into bed with us and sleep (relatively) peacefully the rest of the night. Guess what? It worked!

Since Auggie is not feeling well — and I’m still not sure if it’s a cold or his teeth — we’ll just concentrate on getting him rested and feeling better. Then we can work on the sleeping thing.

We’ll try to have him out of the bed before you keep him for the weekend, Mom.

Oh. My. You really must see this. The comedy! Oh! (link via the inappropriately URL-ed Rabbit blog, who especially enjoyed the patriot one)

We went to the St. Louis Art Fair last night and the results were mixed. We got there about 6:30 and walked up the street where the food vendors sell their wares. Lots of nice Clayton-area places, with tempting offerings (filet mignon sandwiches, fresh bruschetta and the like). It was when I noticed that there was a booth selling little cosmopolitans and martinis in disposable martini glasses that I knew we were doomed. ‘Adorable!’ thought the Beautiful People.

And so the Beautiful People came. And they milled, and they milled. And made the food area completely impassable, especially those of us with unwieldy strollers and fussy babies.

So we managed to wrangle a handful of toasted ravioli (stuffed with pepper cheese and served with salsa — uh, no thank you), and then we got the heck out of there.

The Beautiful People are very rude.

Oh! And we managed to see a little art! We missed our favorite photographer, William Thayer, but, what are you gonna do?

Today, my sinuses are totally messed up. My nose is all stuffy, my throat hurts, my eyes feel twice their normal size. Yuck. Could I have Auggie’s cold, or am I teething too?