You are feeling sleepy… Very sleepy…

Big ole hugs and kisses to Aunt Jennie, who surprised Auggie and I today with a package for Auggie’s birthday. The package contained the cutest little toy, a wooden horse cutout with 3 rope rings to toss around its neck! It’s hand-painted, hand-crafted goodness, and Auggie thinks it’s just about the neatest thing since this plastic garden play-yard thingie we bought for him at a neighborhood garage sale this weekend.

Thanks, Aunt Jennie!

August and I had a very enjoyable, uneventful day. After his post-op visit to the eye doctor this morning (everything’s going swimmingly with the tear duct, thanks), he promptly took a three-hour nap. Sweet! I even got to get in on some of the napping action. Double sweet!

Except I kept having these dreams that I was trying to find a bathroom. Don’t you hate those? Sure, it was just my bladder trying to give me some subconscious hints, but I still didn’t wake up.

Changing subjects abruptly, I just have to say that Tim and I are in a pickle. Ever since Auggie had his tear duct surgery two weeks ago, he has been waking up in the middle of the night again. This is after four blissful months of sleeping through the night, mind you.

Anyway, the first few nights he woke up, we immediately went in to comfort him and put him back to sleep. Occasionally, I would even bring him into bed with us if he didn’t calm down right away. We continued to go in there when he started showing signs of teething, since that can be especially painful for babies at night. Then, my friend Kim came to visit and we didn’t want Auggie to wake her up.

Well, now it’s been nearly two weeks and he is continuing to wake up. He’s also continuing to showing signs of teething. One night last week, he woke up and we went in there and Auggie simply would not go back down. He cried for over an hour and a half. That is no fun, especially when you have to go to work in the morning.

So the next night, we let him cry alone in his crib. As a parent, this is the thing I hate to do most of all. But when you go in there and it doesn’t comfort him at all, is it helping? He cried for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep.

The past few nights, I just have not been able to take the crying. I feel compelled to go in there and get him. So I’ve been following my instincts. Last night I even brought him into bed with us again. Tim disagrees with this. He thinks we should let him cry, that Auggie is just being stubborn and that when I bring him in with us, that it’s just reinforcing the waking.


I have no idea what to do. Pray that he sleeps well tonight, I guess.