Not one mention of Kenny

Man, I love and hate the night before a big trip. And this one is only for the weekend! I’ve still got a million things on my to-do list, but it is dwindling a little.

One fun thing that has kept me up this late: When bringing up my hanging clothes from storage (yes, still), I had a mini-fashion show for myself, trying on things that haven’t fit for a long time. It was so awesome and now I’m all proud of myself and motivated to keep chugging away on the program.

I rock!

One thing that Tim and I have agreed on is that this is a free weekend. No worrying about what we eat. Now, I’m not going to go completely nuts and eat an entire Chicago-style pizza. (Mmm… Pequod’s….) But I’m not going to religiously write down every single thing that goes in my mouth.

So my friend Ryan (who we are meeting for breakfast on Saturday and I’m so excited) has given me a secret tip for IKEA. Apparently, they have an “As is” room on the first floor by the cash registers and you can get neat-o stuff there for even cheaper! Woo hoo! We are the king and queen of scratch-and-dent! Is it sad that I am so looking forward to this orgy of consumerism?

OK, OK, off to bed I go. Tomorrow I surrender my baby to my mom for two whole days (plus a couple of hours). What am I going to do without him??