Is it a duck or a quack-quack?

Auggie added another word to his repertoire today. I don’t remember what he was doing, but he started shaking his head slowly and said, ‘No-no-no.” My God, but he’s adorable!

We had a really good day today, I think. It went by so quickly, it’s hard to remember exactly what we did. I remember a grassy, open area with lots of quacking… The park! Oh, yes, the park.

Unfortunately, it didn’t even cross my mind that there might be ducks at the park, so we were ill-prepared for duckage. That was OK, though, because, frankly, I just don’t think that Auggie is ready for duck-feeding. I mean, it took him five minutes of staring at the ducks from 40 paces before he even cracked a smile. He just looked like, ‘What. Is. That. Mom??’

There were two other little boys there pelting the defenseless mallards with stale bread anyway, so that was entertainment enough for Auggie. We eventually bypassed the ducks entirely and headed for the playground equipment.

This is where I began to wonder what pod-person had replaced my baby. He only went down the slide, like, 3 times. Normally, this baby wants nothing but to go down the slide, turn around, try to climb up the slide so he can go down immediately, falls down, tries again, tries yet again, then finally realizes that he probably will do better by walking back up the stairs, repeat ad nauseum.

We had fun, though. Walking back to the car, we passed the ducks again. This time, the boys were gone, so the ducks were eyeing us hungrily. I totally thought that Auggie was going to be able to walk right up to one and give it a pat. But it flew away, shocking the daylights out of Auggie. He looked at me like, ‘Well. I certainly didn’t expect that to happen.’