Prepping for Wednesday’s visit to the pediatrician

Because I would like to be asleep by midnight tonight, I am going to blatantly steal a post idea from the venerable Mrs. Kennedy.

Words that Auggie says:

1) Dada – the classic

2) Mama – took him a while to get it down, but now his favorite

3) Baby – all-purpose word for everything from the dogs to toys to whatever

4) Boo – too cute

5) Me-me – designates that whatever you are holding should be remitted to him post haste

6) Puppy – only vocalized once or twice, and always referencing some other dog than his own

7) Ba – I swear that he said this when I held up a stuffed sheep last week. Swear it!

8) Bye-bye – occasionally accompanied by a wave, but more often the wave is delayed until you are out the door, in the car and down the block. Just be happy you got the bye-bye, OK, buddy?

9) Mo’-mo’ – often accompanied by the sign for “more.” Yes, he is a genius.

There seems to be a disyllabic pattern here. I’m thinking that this is genetic, because I do the same thing with familiar proper nouns. Case in point: the rapidly-healing, wowwing-em-at-the-vet’s Jake. I must call him Jaker, Jake Dog, Jakey or something disyllabic or it just doesn’t sound right. Unless he’s in trouble. Then it’s more like, ‘JAKE! Leave Coco alone! That’s not even the right end!’

Good to know the boy got something from me…