Sweeeet prescription drugs

Update on Tim (because I know how much you love him): He’s OK! He’s a little sore, but it’s nothing the ibuprofen (fortified with codeine) can’t handle. He’s only a little swollen too, but still eating the soft foods. He’s even getting sick of sweet stuff. Bizarre.

Anyway, Auggie and I got out of his hair today and went down to my mom’s, where she was cooking a delicious feast in celebration of my birthday (and the other, like, five birthdays in her family this month). Chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, homemade cornmeal rolls, caramel apple pie, ohhhhhhh yeah… It was so good.

Thanks, Mom.

Anyway, just watching a little Saturday Night Live tonight, where Brittany Murphy is just all wrong. She looks like a lemur in clown makeup! I just keep wishing that Godzilla would crash onto the set and devour her whole…