The newest Clauss

Ay, yi, yi! Last night was one of the worst nights we’ve had with Auggie in a long, long time. He woke up, like, every two hours, with a few sessions of every twenty minutes. Plus, there was the obligatory middle of the night scrounging session for the baby teething stuff, which always ends up in some random location. Somehow, Tim always seems to find it, God love him.

In other random news:

Auggie has his first pet! Well, other than his four dogs… He is the proud owner of “Fishie” the red betta fish. Tim and I diligently set up his 2.5 gallon aquarium (complete with filter and lighted hood — nice!), read up on the best way to condition the water, planted real plants in the water and researched how to introduce the new fish to his/her new digs.

And we didn’t even have the dang fish yet.

Who knew there was so much to having a pet fish?

I’m already a little concerned about Fishie. He seemed to be swimming a little sideways earlier when I went in to check on him — I mean, Auggie.

I’ll keep you posted. Oh, and pictures soon!