What happened to my weekend?

Man, I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that it’s Monday. Of course, it’s only Monday for another hour and change, so then I have to start all over again with the oh, man, it’s Tuesday already.

This weekend flashed by like a streaker on a hockey rink. (Nice simile, eh? I thought you’d like that.) I attended my first La Leche League conference and it was just ducky. Lots of like-minded mommies and little babies and big babies and not as many exposed breasts as one would expect. Sure, there were kids a-nursin’ everywhere you looked, but these ladies are pros at what they do.

Tim was such a sport, hanging out with Auggie while I was up in Clayton doing my thing. This is a special accomplishment considering that a) Tim has never spent an entire day with Auggie alone (and since they came to lunch with me Saturday, this still holds true kinda), b) We were all still recovering from our respective illnesses and c) Auggie has been possessed by Satan.

I’m thinking teeth are definitely in the works here, my friend, as Auggie has been a total handful ever since his fever broke last Friday. He’s unbelievably clingy, he doesn’t want to eat, he doesn’t want to not eat, he must be in my arms at all times, he’s chewing on his fingers and crying, stop looking at me daddy…

It sucks, in a nutshell.

Plus, since my mom, uncle and aunt all came up today to stay over whilst Uncle Bobby has back surgery, all this fun with Auggie made cleaning up the house a challenge, to say the least. It took over an hour to just get him to consider taking a nap. And then, as soon as he went down, I got to clean both bathrooms! Poor me.

So tomorrow is Election Day. I really don’t have anything much to say, except that Auggie and I will be fulfilling our constitutional destiny, as it were. Hopefully the lines will be blessedly short when we show up (but full at all other times) and we will be able to get our business done posthaste.

Dude, I have got to get some pictures updated here! We have some great shots of us in Chicago! Of course, I haven’t been taking that many of Auggie here lately, as it always seems as though he has some horrible bruise on his forehead from his many topples. What can I say? I don’t trust that you all won’t get all wacky and forward them to that guy on “America’s Most Wanted.” Especially now that Auggie had the unfortunate altercation with a sidewalk last Friday afternoon. His forehead and nose are scraped up most heinously.

I guess the one thing I can take some solace in is that he hasn’t had a black eye yet.

What am I doing? Saying something like that virtually guarantees that he’s going to have both eyes blackened by Wednesday, doesn’t it?