What happened to Tuesday?

Tim is down in the garage right now, putting our new bed together. So far, he has assembled a dining table (the top folds up and pivots so that it’s really small and now our kitchen is about twice as big), three dining chairs, two end tables, three lamps, my new dresser and one shoe rack. He also mounted this neato wall-hanger thingie in the kitchen to hang our spice rack and various things that clutter the countertop. So now that counter is about twice as big.

Tim is the best!

And I’m not just saying that because he told me that he bought my birthday present today. Sucking up? Why, I’ve no idea what you’re talking about! I, sir, am offended, and I challenge you to a duel tomorrow at dawn!

Actually, dawn doesn’t really work for me. I’d hate to wake Auggie. How about something around 10:30-ish? Tell you what, let’s make it lunch at the Bread Co. about noon and we’ll just eat some soup and talk about our feelings instead. Sound good?

The thing about all of this assemblying — assembling? — is that there is still a daunting pile of boxes down there. Stuff just waiting to be assembled! ‘I am from Sveden. Von’t you please assemble me? I make delicious meatballs and fresh vegetable salads!’ Mmm…meatballs…

So, how ’bout that election, my friends? Tim even called up our friend Rich that works on (soon to be Senator) Talent’s campaign last night. He said he wasn’t really sure that Rich even knew who he was. Sweet!

Anyway, Tim needs assistance with the bed now. I know this is awkward, but I kinda need to go. Sorry!