Bleak House Party

Just a quickie while Auggie sleeps in his car seat outside of Whole Foods… (Yes, I actually had the forethought to bring my iBook with me this time. Not as good as a magazine, but you know how I live to be productive.)

I probably look like a total stooge, sitting in the drivers seat of my car, tapping away on a laptop with my too-long fingernails and sunglasses. Oh well, at least my child isn’t screaming like that lady’s over there.

We had a really nice Thanksgiving, thanks for asking. I feel guilty for saying this, but it was kind of nice to have a break from ye olde blog as well. I even have a list of topics that I want to talk about at some point. Yes,

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I am a complete nerd.

Dude, sweet Mini. I would be totally jealous of them if I didn’t know that there was no way to fit a car seat into the back of that thing. Plus, my dad would have eight heart attacks when he saw that death trap (in his opinion, you understand — I’m sure that the Mini is very safe).

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving. I won’t bore you with the details, but we had a great time visiting with our family, playing with cousins, eating food that was unbelievably bad for us (Tim still managed to lose two pounds–bastard!) and kicking my brother’s behind at Trivial Pursuit. (There’s no such thing as a “tie” in Trivial Pursuit, mi hermano.) Is it just me, or are the questions in the Fourth Edition really easy? (Did I mention that I’m a total nerd?)

I mentioned some time back that one of my younger cousins gave birth to a biracial baby named Cammron last summer. This did not go over well with some members of my family, unfortunately, especially her mother (my aunt). In fact, my stepmother was convinced that Thanksgiving was going to become a big family brawl if she brought him to the meal. I’m proud to say that no one said an unkind word to anyone, least of all my cousin or her totally adorable little boy. My aunt even carried him around and got down on the floor to play with him.

It made me very happy to see that she could get over her stupid prejudices to see that this little baby is her grandson — a quarter her, if you will. I dunno, they don’t have a perfect relationship by any stretch of the imagination, but anything positive is a step, right? I got some pictures too, just in case she forgets…

We came home ahead of schedule on Friday, since that day was my dad and stepmother’s anniversary and we didn’t want to horn in on their special night. Plus, we were ready to be back home where Auggie could break our stuff, instead of someone else’s. He is into everything right now, and staying at a house that is the antithesis of “baby-proof” (in fact, I would say that it is officially categorized as “baby-lethal,” with its hot wood stoves, multiple candles at floor height, edible-looking rocks in the decorations, etc.) just isn’t feasible anymore.

Jeez, I can’t believe that he’s still asleep. I wonder how long I could sit here before anyone would notice. Forever, probably.

That sounded a little more bleak that I wanted it to, but, well, there you are.