Everyone has more skills than I

We got to see our friends Chris and Shelley and their three-month-old baby Cole today. A total highlight. Unfortunately, it was right smack in the middle of a baby shower for them at her brother’s house, so we didn’t get to spend as much time chatting with them as we had hoped.

But there were lots of other cute kids there, and we got to meet Shelley’s nice family. Plus, Cole is such a sweetie! He’s a big ‘un, weighing at least 15 pounds, I’d say.

Thanks, Chris and Shelley (and Cole), for letting us horn in on your family time!

Oh! And they got Auggie the hippest, freshest, whatever the kids are saying these days-est book ever! It’s called Turntable Timmy and it is just too awesome. It’s all about Timmy, who is 8 and wants to be the best DJ.

Tim read the book aloud on the way home from the shower, then we put in the CD that came with it. One of the songs was someone rapping the words to the book, and it was much different from Tim’s earlier reading. We apologized to Auggie that we would probably not be rapping Turntable Timmy to him, because we have nary an ounce of mic skilz. I do hope that it is one of his favorites, though, just so the grandmas are forced to read it at least once in their lifetimes. I can’t wait to hear my mom say, “Push the cross-fader from side to side.”

Tim’s mother also gave Tim an early anniversary present today. A hand-knitted sweater, custom-made for him by her. Wow. As a newbie knitter such as I am, I am especially in awe of her. It’s beautiful. I’ll have to take a picture and post it so you can feel the awe as well.