Now I’m a ninny

I just had to rip out my first six rows of Tim’s scarf again. It’s only 38 stitches wide, but yesterday, I kept picking up a stitch somewhere. Tonight, I miscounted my rows, so the pattern was off. It’s supposed to look like ribbing, but mine only looked like that for part of the piece. It does seem to be going faster now, at least. I mean, it only took me about 70 minutes to do six rows this evening. Yesterday, I picked it up and put it down probably six times over the course of the day.

Tim didn’t understand why I wanted to rip it all out and start over, since no one would ever notice it. I tried to explain that I would notice it and that it would always bother me. Besides, I feel like this is all great practice right now. It’s no big deal to have to start over when you’re only six rows in. I’d hate to be halfway finished and then not be able to stand that it looked so bad at the beginning. Better redo it now than later, yes?

I think it’s really funny that as I look around more and more on the Web, that a lot of people are talking about how “hip” it is to be knitting. How lots of young people are starting to get into it and all. This is fine with me, if it means that people are coming up with some original patterns and neat kinds of yarn and what have you. But it makes me smile, because both times I’ve been in the local yarn store, it seems like there are only snooty older ladies in there, pointedly ignoring me and my baby.

I shouldn’t sound too offended, I guess, because the endearingly-absent-minded older woman who helped me select a row counter last week was very nice. (I call her absent-minded because she took down my name in reference to a book, but forgot to include my phone number. I gently asked if she might want to write it down too.)

So, I can hear you asking yourself: Is she going to start talking only about knitting now? Because I have no idea what she’s talking about.

I’ll try to restrain myself, but I’m rather infamous for throwing myself into a hobby, becoming a bit obsessed with it for a couple of weeks, then rapidly losing interest once I’ve spent a lot of money on it. (See my past record on learning Spanish, crossword puzzles (at least they came with the paper), etc.)

And, lest you think Tim and I have given up our “lifestyle program,” (I have got to come up with a new phrase. It sounds like we’re in a cult or something) I just haven’t mentioned it lately. Tim has now lost 22 pounds, and I am down over 25! We’re talking college jeans here, my friends! (Not freshman year, mind you, but senior year.)

We are looking pretty svelte (compared to last September, that is.)