Allllll riiiiiight.

Ah, flannel sheets. The ole flannels are getting a late start this season, as they were temporarily “lost” amid the miasma of items still in the garage since the Great Floor Refinishing of 2002. As those items are slowly making their way back upstairs, we’re rediscovering some things that we were missing, and things that we haven’t really missed at all.

It’s those things that we really haven’t missed that I’m having the hardest time with. Do we really need those things, if we haven’t noticed they were gone for the last three months? Flylady would say no. But then the question becomes how to get rid of them.

Several of the items are pieces of furniture, replaced by our big IKEA excursion. We’re giving away the old computer desk to Tim’s parents, but we can’t find anyone who wants a matching bedroom dresser and night stand, or a china cabinet. What to do?

We’ll probably just try our luck with selling them in the Bargain Bin in the paper.

It’s been really nice, actually, bringing things back up slowly. We’re definitely more reluctant to add more “stuff” to the mix. Especially considering how much Auggie loves to get into everything, climb on everything and generally tear everything apart with his teeth like the small, badger-like creature that he is.

So that’s that in the world of us. Less stuff, more love. All right.