Excuse me, I’m having title-block

Good weekend, overall. Very low-key.

I even got to go to the Apple store, which is always exciting. I’m having problems with my battery in my iBook, so I paid the Mac Geniuses a visit. The problem is not very sexy, so I’ll spare you the details. Suffice to say that Apple’s probably going to be forking over a new battery to me this week.

We finally had Christmas with my dad today. He went a little crazy and bought Auggie a tricycle. It’s got streamers and a bell and everything! Of course, Auggie won’t be able to ride it for another year or so, but he thinks it’s pretty cool anyway.

My dad and stepmother got us some really generous gifts too. My stepmother is very crafty and she reupholstered one of our chairs for us. It had been originally redone by Tim’s mom at some point, but the pink velvet had started to deteriorate with age. Margie (my stepmom) found this beautiful fabric that matches our living room set perfectly and restored it all by herself! I love people that can see the potential in things.

One thing that Auggie is doing right now is waving “bye-bye” to things as we go by. Today in the car, he was waving to all of the houses as they went by. Last week, we were sitting outside the coffeehouse and he was waving at all the cars going by. Too cute.