No news is no news

I have nothing to write about today. No angst. No complaints. All is well with the world, it seems.

Auggie got the “all clear” from Dr. Scott, the snow storm didn’t happen, my brother and sister-in-law arrived back from the cruise uneventfully.

So. There you go.

Here’s a list of five recommended records that I sent to my friend Jason:

Five alive:

5) Liz Phair – “Exile in Guyville”

4) The Stone Roses – s/t – C’mon! This record is so good, the band was ruined forever after recording it.

3) Tim stole mine – Whiskeytown – “Faithless Street” – Buy it already.

2) Stereolab – “Transient Audio Noisebursts with Announcements” – The first time I heard this record, it. blew. my. mind. Nothing was ever the same.

1) Sam Cooke – “Nightbeat” Works every time…