Another day, another word

I promise that I’m working on getting all of our pictures up, it’s just that since Tim redesigned the site, he has had all kinds of problems with the nifty little program he designed to upload the jpgs. So, the short story is that I’ve got nearly 200 photos waiting around for your viewing pleasure. Occasionally, I’ll make some small progress, so make sure you check the pictures page often to see if there’s some new ones.

It’s great to have all of these digital pictures of Auggie, but I must admit that it makes me a little nervous that the only “real” photos we have of him are the ones taken by other people. I mean, our regular camera still has the same roll of film in it that has been there since Auggie was born. (Note to self: Finish the damn roll!)

I badger Tim fortnightly about backing up our files, so that Auggie’s babyhood won’t be lost in one well-placed lightning flash. I guess I’m still a little hurt that all of the

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pictures of me as a wee lass are purported to be “on slides,” although I’ve yet to see any of them. Ah, the secret pain of the second child…

Anyway, another weekend, another four inches of snow. This is starting to feel like a pattern. Auggie and I walked around outside this evening just as it began to snow, and he pointed to the sky and said, ”Know!’ Aren’t kids who don’t make “s” sounds at the beginning of words just the best?