Should Mimi Smartypants lay off the Old Style?

So I totally teased you the other day with my cliffhanger question, ‘Is Mimi Smartypants pregnant?’ and you’ve been checking back every single day trying to figure out what in the heck I meant, right?

You probably don’t even know who I’m talking about, right?

Well, as you will note (at right), Mimi Smartypants is my favorite blogger of all time. I even get all excited and call Tim at work when my tracking logs show that she visited us via her referral logs. (Yes, my life is that small.)

Anyway, I’ve been growing increasingly suspicious lately, because she’s been mentioning some pretty strange episodes of nausea, vomiting, irrational anger (dead giveaway for me, at least), feeling rundown, strangely emotional, etc. I won’t frighten everyone by directly quoting her site, but I think it’s time Mimi broke out the EPT…

I briefly considered starting an “IsMimiSmartypantsPregnant” site at Blogspot, but, after conferencing with Tim, I decided against it. I mean, it would just end up getting a 1,000 times more hits than here and I would get all depressed and feel guilty about being a bottom-feeding blogger trying to scam some of her Google referral scraps. I remember all too well my feeling of shame and bewilderment when our referral logs showed that someone ended up here by searching for “Mimi+Smartypants+pictures.” We have no pictures of her, I swear!

Am I making any sense?

If not, I apologize. It’s late, my throat is scratchy, and we’ve been wrapping up the final installment of furniture moving. Sure, it’s only been a little over four months since the Great Floor Refinishing of 2002, and one could make a strong case that if we’ve lived without these particular furnishings for this long, we probably don’t need them, but one wouldn’t want to be kicked sharply in the shin, would one?

Good night.