This is not happening, this is not happening…

Oh, the shame! Mimi Smartypants has linked to us after my last post! And I sound like such a dork! I kinda feel like that time when this cute honors classics professor back in college asked the class, ‘What’s epistemology?’ and I said, ‘Writing that uses a letter as its narrative device,’ or something snotty like that, and the entire class snickered.

It was late, I swear!

Normally, I’m much more clever and, ah, who am I kidding? I’m a dork.

It was so funny though, because I knew that something was up instantly when I was going through my nightly routine of checking our daily hits on Site Meter, then coming to the site to check our referral logs (can’t spoil the hit count by going there first, of course).

I couldn’t get on the site. The error message said that there were too many people on the site.

Needless to say, that has never happened before.

So, anyway, let’s just move on with our lives, shall we? And hello to all of you people visiting us for the first time!

Just to give you a little primer on what is all about: I’m Beth. Tim is my husband, August is our year-and-a-half-old son and we have 4 dogs (don’t ask), one of which is Booker. If you’re a late-twenties, early-thirties type who is feeling increasingly out of touch with pop culture and more interested in really comfortable mattresses and rereading all your old Douglas Coupland books, we’re probably a lot like you.

We also go to the Kentucky Derby every year.

I think that’s about it.