Please take me back, baby. I swear I’ll never leave again

Hey kids, didja miss me?

Nothing like saying you’re taking a break to make you think of a million things to blog about. But, oh no, by golly, we said we’re taking a break, so we’re taking a break, missy.

So I stored up minutiae for an entire week, like some kind of super-mommy squirrel, just biding my time. So here it all comes — watch out!

  • Auggie’s newest words/phrases: Love you, excuse me (sounds more like, ‘meh-me,’ but mommies can decipher these things), cracker, Little People (‘Ee-you’ is somehow ‘Little People’? I refer you to my earlier point.) and, the classic, boo-boo.

  • Tim started his new job with much aplomb. He seems most excited about working downtown. I’m most excited about seeing him in his fabulous suits. Rrowr!

  • One of my father’s cousins has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She’s in her 40s, with a teenage daughter. This sucks a lot. But what really sucks is all of the stupid questions that I’m dying to ask her: Do you talk on your cell phone all the time? Do you live near huge power lines? Eat too much bologna? Use Pantene shampoo? Disturbing.

  • My obsession with Aqueduct has recently been displaced by a growing affection for The Postal Service. It warms my 80’s music-loving heart. Tonight’s search for Dntel (PS’s predecessor of sorts) was futile, alas.

  • Does anyone else find their heart rates increasing while reading the ads for Apple’s new G5? I’m all flushed.

There, that feels much better.