Just another, ah, shut up

Oh, man, today was one of those days. I feel terrible saying this, but at several points this evening (after Tim was home), I could’ve walked right out the door and not looked back.

Auggie woke up at 5:30 this morning. Tim and I traded grumpy early morning comments about what to do until almost 6, when Tim finally got up and tried to get him to rest his weary head for just a little longer. He gave up on that at about 6:30, when Auggie got into bed with me. By 7, he was up again. About 7:30, I dragged my grumpy self out of bed and into the kitchen for some Raisin Bran.


Auggie ended up going back to sleep at 8:30 for another two hours, and I’m not ashamed to say that I went back to bed too.

As it was bloody hot again today, I tried to think of some fun stuff that we could do this afternoon that involved luxurious amounts of air conditioning. Oh, did I mention that Auggie and I have had the same cold since last Wednesday? Oh, yeah, it’s super-fun.

I decided that we would throw caution to the wind — or should I say rationality since Auggie is a sick and grumpy 2 year-old with a short attention span? — and go to see “Finding Nemo” at the theater.

There was popcorn, there was “Cookie

Dough Bites,” there was Diet Pepsi — it was great! Great, for about an hour. Once the sea turtles were over, Auggie was done. He had an even better time wandering around the huge cineplex, examining the vending machines and arcade games.

Once we were back out in the blast furnace, all I could think to do was to go back home and ride it out until Tim got home from work.

You know what? I think I’ll just go ahead and stop whining about it and go to bed early. Tomorrow will be better, right?