Tuesday adventure

It is incredibly surreal to be downtown in the middle of a weekday when you aren’t there for work. Auggie and I went down to take Tim out for lunch, and I had forgotten just how city-like St. Louis feels when there are actually people there. Usually, we’re down there for a baseball game in the evening and the place is d-e-s-e-r-t-e-d. Like, “The Day After” deserted.

Even stranger is to have a toddler with you when interloping with the worker bees. They all look at you like you’re toting an alien or something. I felt like a circus sideshow, and we were only eating a little “Curry in a Hurry.” Maybe they were all just wishing that their kids could come and eat with them for lunch.

Auggie got his first hot dog from a bona fide hot dog stand. Yee haw! (It was awesome too. I had a bite.)