1 + 1 = mommy go crazy

This week, I finally let myself contemplate what life might be like with two children. Up until this point, I’ll admit that I hadn’t really thought about it much. I was too busy with my self-centered worries about another pregnancy, how it would affect my body, going through childbirth again, getting nursing off to a better start with this one, etc.

So what changed? Well, I guess Auggie did, a little. He’s been honing his “willful defiance” skills for some time now, but it hasn’t been this bad. You know, watching him run a few football fields worth of ground away from you in the back yard and realizing that yelling at him to stop is not going to prevent you from having to haul your pregnant butt over those few football fields to get him.

Or having him purposely dump an entire bottle of water all over the living room floor while you try to rest on the couch after a long day of playing with him, keeping him happy and generally trying to make it a good day. I swear I didn’t know whether to grab a towel and make him help me clean up the mess, grab him and take him to his room for a time out, or grab him and beat him. (He got the time out, then helped me clean it up.)

So there I am, thinking, ‘What am I going to do with two of these things running around?’