Heavy, man

Things are way too negative around here lately. Sorry if it’s been a downer. Listening to me whine and moan about this pregnancy is enough to give a fetus a complex!

Some positive things about this pregnancy:

1) Relatively low-guilt eating. After obsessing over points and “lifestyle” programs and workouts for over a year (and subsequently losing 55+ pounds thanks to that obsession), it’s been pretty nice to let it all go. Now, getting it back off… But we’re being positive here!

2) Knowing what to expect, for the most part. Sure, the nausea was new, but most everything else has been relatively similar to when I was carrying Auggie. It’s amazing how much I forgot. One favorite memory this time around: Tim has his hand on my belly when the fetus does one of his medium-hard kicks. Tim jumps and says, ‘Wow.’ I say,’Isn’t that amazing?’ He says, ‘Yeah.’ I say, ‘Isn’t it even more amazing that you can get used to that?’ He says, ‘Yeah.’

3) Seeing the recognition grow in Auggie. He’s getting it. Plus, his stumbling upon some rather graphic photos in some of my birth guides has given him a good handle on exactly where babies come from. He can even point and say, ‘Baby comes out of here!’ This is going to be great at parties.

4) A much better doctor. Instead of having to educate this doctor about such “crazy notions” as perineal massage (don’t ask, really), she has been incredibly understanding. I feel like there isn’t much that I could throw at her that would make her duck. Now, if I ask her to pack up the placenta in a “to-go” box, that would probably get a look.

5) Discovering chiropractic medicine. This has saved my life, truly. Everyone should go to the chiropractor and get themselves straightened out, literally.

6) People are pretty nice to pregnant women, when they can tell that they’re pregnant. With Auggie, I was such a chub-meister that I don’t know if people could be sure that I was even pregnant. Oh, and if you’ve ever made the mistake of asking a fat woman when she was due and she’s just fat… No one wants to make that mistake.

Now, everyone wants to know “when’s the baby due?” I got so little of this the first time, it’s been a bit of an adjustment to realize that, hey yeah, people can tell that I’m pregnant! The complete psycho pregnant woman in me hesitates to answer the question definitively, because who knows if this person is just being curious, or if they want to wait until the baby is full-term, then kidnap me and… shudder. Let’s stay positive!

There’s been tons of other positive things, too. And now that it’s getting close to the end, I must admit that I might even miss being pregnant. A little. Especially when I’m dragging myself around Forest Park for the first time in over a year. And when I skip the waffle fries at Chik-Fil-A. And when I take a nap instead of emptying the dishwasher.

But we’re being positive!