La, la, la… I can’t hear you…

If I were you, I would be completely frustrated by me. I mean, here it is, such an exciting time for me with a new baby and a new three-year-old and everything, and I rarely update! I would totally be e-mailing myself death threats by now. You all are way nicer than me.

But now I’ve got a quick moment to myself (sure to be jinxed by my mere acknowledgment), so I thought I’d throw ya’ll a bone.

Now that Elliott is seven weeks old tomorrow (!), he’s starting to resemble something other than larva. Now, he’s a smiling larva. But it’s so infrequent, I haven’t been able to catch him on camera just yet. That, plus that fact that he smiles at everyone/everything else more than me makes it especially hard. I swear the boy grinned with openmouthed drooling at the Target greeting card section last week. With that kind of competition, what can a baby’s primary caregiver/sole provider of sustenance/main entertainer expect?

Our trials with Auggie continue to improve, I guess. Either he’s getting a little better, we’re learning how to deal with it more productively, or we’re just getting used to it. I know that some days I’m better at going with the flow more than others. Just last week, I came up with the brilliant idea of just not arguing with the three-year-old anymore. For example, when we’re in the car (where the worst of the brattiness occurs due to my being a captive audience, his brother being asleep, or general tiredness on Auggie’s part), if Auggie tries to start an argument with me (e.g., ‘Hey, bud, we’re going to the grocery store next!’ ‘I don’t wanna go to the grocery store. Wanna go to the choo-choo store!’), I state my answer once (‘Sorry, dude. Can’t go to the choo-choo store today. We’re going to the grocery store.’), and then any further argument is drowned out as I turn up whatever CD is playing. How’s it going? Let’s just say that I’ve been rocking out in the car a lot lately. Plus, when I told Tim about my brilliant strategy, he laughed at me.

Beth C’s guide to the terrible threes coming to a bookstore near you in January 2005!

Anyway, we dropped Tim off at the airport yesterday for his flight to Phoenix. I find it really hard to believe that anyone would really think that Phoenix at the end of August is a great place to have a conference, but, hey, that’s not my job, now, is it?

So, to recap, that’s Tim in Phoenix for five days. Me, alone with two boys for five days. How did that happen?

Needless to say, I’m headed to my mom’s.

We’re home alone for less than 48 hours. I can do this, right?

Oh, yeah. I forgot about this shot I snuck of Elliott giving his grandma a smile at his baptism. Doesn’t he look great in a dress?