Back on the wagon

We survived.

Thanks to the constant attention of my mom, we survived our Week Without Daddy. Actually, I have to thank my MIL too, for giving me a break on Monday to go to my Weight Watchers meeting.

That’s right, I’m back on the wagon. After eating anything and everything I wanted during my pregnancy with Elliott, I’m now suffering the consequences. Nothing fits. And I have been refusing to wear my maternity clothes since two weeks post-partum. That means that I have approximately two pair of jeans (one that is Tim’s and one that is super-tight), one super-uncomfortable pair of chino shorts (that are also a wee short for these chubby thighs) and nothing that is nice enough to wear to church. So my wardrobe has been rather limited, you might say.

Last week was my second meeting at Weight Watchers. In six days, I lost only a pound and a half. I was disappointed, because usually the first week is a big loss. Since I get so many blasted Points for nursing Elliott, though, I felt like I was eating a ton! I was eating a ton, to tell the truth. Plus, all those extra points were not being used on healthy stuff, I must admit. So I suppose that it’s no big surprise that I didn’t lose a lot.

This week wasn’t the best either, since Mom was (try though she might) cooking for company (us) and not making the most low-fat of meals. She pulled out all the stops with an unbelievably yummy caramel apple pie. With ice cream. I’m totally drooling now. It was so fabulous, I consider it a small miracle that I only ate two slices…

Plus, no exercise.

I suck.

This week will be better. I can feel it.

For instance, right now, I am sitting in a St. Louis Bread Co. sipping a non-fat iced vanilla latte (5 points) with no pastry. Sure, the bakery is way picked over, but I’m pretty dang proud of myself right now.

Of course, I did just go shopping. And while I still fit in Misses sizes (just barely), I cannot wait to get this belly back under control. Very motivating. I should shop more often.

The fabulous shoes I found? Fit like a glove. I love shoes.