Send Tylenol

I got a glimpse of what my brother’s life is like this weekend. At some point, all four of us were sick. Auggie woke up with a cold last Monday. Elliott’s nose got all stuffy in the wee hours of early Wednesday. Tim started feeling poorly on Thursday afternoon. Saturday, I got mastitis (a breast infection). Super fun!

Of course, all of this coincided with us traveling to my dad’s house on Kentucky Lake, so you have the added fun of sick people in a car! For hours!

I can hardly wait for our next trip, which will have us in the car for almost seven hours straight.

We’re all feeling much better now, although the snot faucet is back on in Auggie Land. Elliott also kept me up quite a bit last night with his snorting and snuffling. Poor little guy. OK, so only Tim and I are feeling better. Mostly, we’re just glad to be back home.

Why is it that so often, when traveling with kids, you spend more time wishing you were back at home instead of where you planned to travel to for so long? Did that make sense? If not, I blame it on my fever (yesterday). Scrambled the old eggs a bit.

In better news, I lost another two pounds last week. And we ran twice! Of course, the three workouts I prided myself on last week could’ve been a big factor in my bout with mastitis, but I’m just going to blame it on a too-firm bed and sub-par nursing Friday night.

Tomorrow, I take the boys in for their checkups, which should be fun. Auggie is getting so tall now! And I couldn’t even hazard a guess as to how much Elliott weighs now. The kid’s knocking on the door of six-month sizes, and he’s only two months old (today! Happy 1/6th birthday, Elliott!).

I’ll report in soon with all the vital stats…