My boys

Auggie started preschool almost two weeks ago. He goes three days a week, two of which he stays for six hours, one day he stays two and a half hours.

Every day, I drop him off and try to get a kiss and a hug before he runs off to play with his new friends. Every day, I pick up a filthy, sweaty, excited little boy. He is having the best time.

His teacher: “Not to offend you or anything, but he doesn’t miss you at all.”

So I guess all that “spoiling” I did of him when he was a baby didn’t make him dependent after all, hm?

Meanwhile, Elliott and I get to go home, take a shower, get some actual work done, and obsess over becoming debt-free. Occasionally, we even get to smile and laugh at each other.

I am incredibly blessed…

BTW, Tim is much better. He’s even considering mowing again. But not tonight.