On the edge

I think I’m getting a little obsessed. I mean, when you’re making the customer service people at the bank look at you funny because you want to have a dozen or so special savings accounts (“mini-accounts” if you will) tied to your checking account (at no charge, natch) just so you can use them to budget your finances down to the last damn dollar, you might think that that would send up a red flag, no?

And, no, my little local credit union does not have such a thing. They do have a Christmas Club and a Vacation Club, though, which do me no good whatsoever. Thanks!


So I’m trying to make do with a way-too-detailed (is that possible, considering my obsession? no, there’s no “dental floss” file. Honey, how much do we spend on dental floss each fiscal year?) Excel spreadsheet budget and a firm grip on my self-control. Maybe I should freeze my debit card in a bowl of ice water. Except that would get really old, waiting for it to thaw at the gas pump.

How many of you just pushed your chairs back from your computer and let out a low whistle, like ‘Dude, Beth has officially lost it.’ I wonder sometimes myself.

Elliott tidbit: I weighed him yesterday (fully clothed, to his relief as we were in Kangaroo Kids) and he was up to 15 pounds, 10 ounces. I totally need to unearth Auggie’s stats. I bet he didn’t hit 15 pounds until 7 or 8 months. Not that I’m comparing… Ok, I’m totally comparing.

Auggie tidbit: Today before church, a gaggle of ladies had gathered around Tim to ooh and ah over Elliott. Auggie chose that moment to reach out to me, give me a big hug and say, ‘Mommy, I love you so much,’ eliciting a chorus of ‘Awww!’ from the ladies. Good boy.