Next action: blog!

Not only am I slightly obsessed with our finances, I’m also currently obsessed with this book called Getting Things Done. I read about it on the Internet!

OK, so I’m a huge geek. I’ve also confessed here many times that I’m a sucker for self-help books. (Not enough to get suckered in by Dr. Phil’s new book, however. I have some standards.) After spending two exhausting days “processing” my stuff, I feel a lot better. Since Elliott has been here, hell, since I was about 16, I’ve often felt as though I’m running around in circles, never getting anything really done. It’s especially unsettling when I’ve got a ton to do for other people. For money! The approach in Getting Things Done is very logical and has me feeling more confident that I’m not forgetting anything.

In other obsession news: We paid off our first debt this week! Woo hoo! Sure, it was only $55.56, but it’s something! One down, four to go! (This does not include the house, of course, although it will be paid off early.) Next up, Tim’s student loan. I cannot wait to kick that thing out the door…

Anyway, did I mention that you can listen to Dave Ramsey’s show online? Friday is my very favorite day to listen, because people call in and get to scream, “I’m debt-free!” And their stories are usually completely amazing. A couple of weeks ago, a woman called in who had paid off over $90,000 in debt in under 2 years! Unreal. Those calls also make you feel really good when you don’t have anywhere near $90,000 in debt. I think, ‘Dude, we can totally do this!’

But I’m the squarest square in Squaresville.